After battling an extra long winter, it seems spring is finally here, and as the days begin to warm up, the Catskills will come alive. There is no better time than right now to get out and hike near one of the best NY resorts, Winter Clove Inn! Here is all you need to know about spring hiking when vacationing at one of the best New York inns.

Spring Hiking

Winter Clove Inn, located in Round Top, NY, which means we’re in Greene County and on the northern end of the Catskill Mountains. One of the best reasons to get out and hike this spring isn’t just the stunning foliage you’ll see, but that there are plenty of trails and almost 700,000 acres of wilderness to explore! With 5/10 of the highest peaks from the Catskill Mountains, you’ll want to make sure you have comfortable athletic shoes because you’re going to put some miles on those soles!

Here are 8 trails you can find at Catskill Park:

  1. North-South Lake/Escarpment Trail Loop Hike

  2. Indian Head Mountain Loop

  3. Hunter Mountain Fire Tower

  4. Catskill Escarpment

  5. Windham High Peak via Burnt Knob

  6. Catskill Park Mountain Biking Trails

  7. The Elm Ridge Wild Forest

  8. The Escarpment Trail

Take a look at the hiking conditions, and always make sure to watch where you’re going!

It’s Waterfall Season

The roaring of the waterfalls will call you closer, as you hike your way through the forests near one of the leading Catskill NY resorts, you’ll find Artist Falls. Artist Falls offers a 20ft cascade, and it’s honestly a sight to see! As the water rushes over the top of the falls to plummet near the bottom, mixed with the sounds of the droplets hitting the rocks below, it’s a wonderful experience. It’s something that you’ll want to visit when spending your days here in New York, Plus, this waterfall offers a perfect location to bring the family, snap fantastic photos, and continue on your way! Ask the front desk to point out the pathway to get to Artist Falls!

A 25-minute drive from our inn will get you to the Kaaterskill Falls, a two-tiered waterfall that is one of the tallest in New York. It’s a stunning sight to see, and worth visiting in the Springtime when winter thaws the ice and snow accumulated during those chillier months.

Adventures at the Clove

Whether you enjoy our outdoor recreation at Winter Clove Inn, one of the best NY resorts or you embark on an exploratory experience of the great Catskills; you’re sure to have a blast! We’ve got everything here for you to have a fantastic springtime trip to New York! All you need now is your hiking shoes, an excellent attitude and, our beautiful inn for comfort and relaxation!