Overlooking the beautiful Hudson River Valley, the Winter Clove Inn is one of the most charming upstate New York Resorts in the Great Northern Catskill Mountains. Whether you want a relaxing stay or a more adventurous outdoor escape, Winter Clove Inn is the place for you!

Hudson and the Hudson River!

Hudson is well known as one of New York’s main harbors for whaling excursions. However, it has now become a vibrant business area with several prominent restaurants and bars. As well as local antique shops and galleries and it’s only a short drive away from the Inn making it the perfect day trip to town! Enjoy some quiet time at Catskill Point overlooking the Hudson River. If you would prefer exploring the Hudson River itself you’ll love renting a kayak, canoe or small boat and adventure this beautiful river. For a more relaxing trip, kick back on one of the Hudson River Cruises! There’s no better way to take in the natural beauty of the Hudson River and the mansions that blend into the Hudson River Valley. Our resort is a diamond in the rough in the mix of all these upstate New York Resorts!

Box Lunch to Fuel your Fun!

Are you really on vacations if you’re still making all your family meals? We don’t think so, which why we include three meals a day in our packages! You keep making forever memories, and we’ll handle the cooking. We continually update our menu to include fresh seasonal ingredients and adapt to all our guests’ needs. Please let us know of any eating restrictions or special diets so that we can plan meals according to your stay. Not only can we adapt our menu, but we are also flexible with where you can eat these meals! We think the Hudson River Valley is so beautiful; we’ll pack a boxed lunch for you to take with on your excursions!

You’ll love our sweet little Inn niched in the Catskills’ natural beauty, unlike any other upstate New York Resorts!