Did you know that many Upstate NY resorts recently got a lot of snow? Yep, the white fluffy stuff came raining down, and we’ve been graced with a beautiful blanket of winter wonderland fun. That means there is still plenty of time for you to venture out for one last winter getaway! Our lovely Winter Clove Inn is the perfect resort to experience a New York winter, with fantastic activities both indoors and outdoors, so here are our three favorite things to do at the Inn when it’s snowing outside!

Indoor Competition

Grab your family and get ready for a game night! We’ve got bowling and shuffleboard to keep you entertained on those colder days and nights. With our antique bowling alley, you’ll be able to shoot for a spare or a strike (maybe even the perfect game), when you go head to head with your family. Plus, our indoor shuffleboard court will put you in a notable Upstate New York past time! Historically shuffleboard and New York go together like peanut butter and jelly, and you’ll be able to play this fantastic game with your family by your side.

Winter Wonderland

This winter you’re going to want to enjoy a few activities outside, like sledding near our property! When the snow piles high it’s a great time to get outdoors at Winter Clove. We’ve also got complimentary cross-country skiing rentals for you to enjoy. You’ll want to take the couple minute walk from our Upstate NY resorts, all the way to Artist Falls where you’ll see a beautiful covered bridge which will overlook a stunning frozen waterfall (this time of the year). Plus, it’s a great place to go to capture the beauty of the fabulous scenery!

Poolside Fun

While our outdoor pool is closed during the winter season, you can still make a splash in our indoor heated pool! Sit in the poolside colorful Adirondack chairs the line the water, embrace the balmy temperatures, and you are sure to be transported to a tropical island! We promise, your kids will enjoy splashing and swimming around, which makes it a great place to go to relax when the weather is too cold.

However you choose to have fun here at Winter Clove Inn, we know that the snow will melt soon, so it’s an excellent opportunity to get out to our Upstate NY resorts for one final, unbelievable winter getaway! Experience the beautiful surroundings of the Catskills, play a game or two, and relax poolside. We’ve got it all, now all you need to do is book your stay with us today, but before you go, don’t forget to check out our winter and spring specials!