COVID Safety Information

Safety is our top priority

Welcome Home! We have updated our operating procedures to ensure the safety of our guest and staff. While there will be many changes to our operations we will maintain our high standard of comfort, relaxation and good times.

Please understand the information below represents our current operating procedures. As guidelines and recommendations continue to change we will update our procedures and therefore the information listed below might not fully apply to your stay.

New York Travel Advisory
New York State travel guidelines require all New Yorkers, as well as those visiting from out-of-state or another country, to take personal responsibility for compliance in the best interest of public health and safety. Asymptomatic travelers entering New York from another country, U.S. state, or territory are no longer required to test or quarantine as of April 10, 2021. Symptomatic travelers must immediately self-isolate and contact the local health department.

Check here for the most up to date information on the NYS Travel Advisory.

Everyone Plays a Role
We are taking many precautions to ensure your safety as well as the safety of our staff.

We ask that all unvaccinated individuals please wear a mask when inside any of the common/public areas.

You may not enter the property if you or anyone in your direct reservation is experiencing COVID-19 symptoms or have tested positive for COVID-19 in the past 14 days.  Please use the provided hand sanitizer, follow any posted signage and recommendations from the CDC, NYS Health Department and other officials. Common sense is critical, if you believe you are at risk or should not come on a vacation please err on the side of caution.

Increased Sanitation
Our team has  increased their cleaning and disinfecting efforts throughout the resort. This is especially true on high traffic areas such as door knobs, light switches, counter tops, railings, etc. Please let one of our team members know if you would like a surface disinfected.

We are not offering daily in room housekeeping service at this time. This will provide a safer environment for you and our housekeeping staff. We will be offering a daily service to provide you with any linen, towels, and toiletries you need as well as collecting rubbish and used linens without any of our staff members entering your room.

Whenever possible we are allowing all rooms be unoccupied for at least 24 hours between stays. To our repeat guest this means you may receive a different room than usual but it will be a similar room and one we had amble time to properly disinfect and clean.

Dining Services
While NY state has removed the capacity limit for our region on indoor dining. We have equipped our dining room with a hot air recovery ventilation system which allows for fresh air from outside to constantly be circulated into the dinning room year round.

All of our amenities except for our bowling alley and fitness room are open. The indoor and seasonal outdoor pool, game room, golf course, sports courts, bar, hiking trails, bonfires, and more are all open!

The Details

We ask that all unvaccinated individuals wear a mask when inside public/common areas.  Guest will be required to sign a disclaimer stating they understand COVID-19 presents a risk and that they are not experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms, have not tested positive for COVD-19 in the past 14 days, as well as agreeing to additional safety precautions. Anyone experiencing COVID-19 symptoms will be required to leave the property immediately and recommended to get medical advice.

Looking Forward
The procedures, recommendations and guidelines listed above are what we are currently doing to best ensure everyone’s safety. As we continue to move forward we will constantly re-evaluate and update our procedures as needed. Therefore these procedures might not fully apply for your future reservation.

Please let us know if you have any questions, concerns or recommendations.
We can be reached at (518) 622-3267 or